Barbaroslar Episode 31 With Urdu & English Subtitles Free

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Barbaroslar Episode 31 With Urdu & English Subtitles Free

Hello Friends! Welcome to A series of terrifying episodes of Kurulus Osman continues The hearts of the fans have been touched by this great action and battle scenes Everyone is going crazy for this great series Turkey’s most recent series that has attracted Muslims around the world

Is about to end another great series There is little time left now and this great series will disappear from the screen For the new season too, the anxious wait will start But the episodes that are yet to come are also going to touch the hearts of the fans Fierce battles, elimination of

various surprise characters and the beginning of a new era is enough to get the attention of fans. Many questions are being asked about when the season is coming to an end In fact, Kurulus Osman’s team has confused its fans Sometimes the impression is given that the next episode will be the last episode of
Barbaroslar Episode 31

this season And sometimes the story is stretched too far And it looks like there are still plenty of episodes left Well, at Inegol’s victory, everyone thinks that the season will come to an end But Kurulus Osman’s team is adept at surprising fans Now it looks like there will be Inegol victory before the season finale And

the big event of the season finale will be someone else Now everyone will wonder what will happen But in today’s video we will tell you if Nicola will escape during the victory of Inegol. How will Nicola be put to death? What does history say about that? At the same time,

we will talk about how Barkin’s betrayal of Osman Bey has already been exposed Will the rescue of women, Orhan and Holofira themselves fall into a dangerous trap? Who will reveal the secret of Barkin among the Selvi woman and Aktumer Bey? Who will replace Selcan hatun in the series? And we will share the details of many important things with you in today’s video So be sure to watch

the video to the end and subscribe to our channel The growing popularity of the Kurulus Osman series is paving the way for further success in the future Each season is stronger than the last And wins the heart of fans The Kurulus Osman series team is trying to fix all the flaws that were seen last season. Barbaroslar Episode 31 With Urdu & English Subtitles Free

And they are quite successful Well, another season full of historical events is coming to an end And fans are anxious to know how much time is left Viewers now have the chance that Inegol’s victory will not be in the season finale but before that We see that Kayi has climbed the Inegol fort And now Barbaroslar Episode 31 With Urdu & English Subtitles Free

they will not take a step back but move forward We told you that in the next episode we will see the testimony of Gunduz Bey and then one of Osman special soldiers. And Osman Bey will have to hand over the responsibility of siege to Turgut Bey The next episode will revolve aInegol these curious events In other words,

this goal will not be a complete victory in the next episode And it is not uncommon for kayi to retreat On the contrary, the siege will only intensify But Inegol’s victory will come in one or two more episodes And many more will talk about curious events, but first let’s talk about Nicola’s instructive end. At the moment, Nicola is completely trapped Because Romanos is out of the castle

There is no help from outside Because of the siege of the Turkish fortress Now Nikola has no choice but to attack the Turks And he also told you that Nicola’s blow would be strong enough Which will almost certainly succeed And the gondola will be without martyrs When it comes to Nicola’s death,

Barbarossa Episode 31 Urdu

it is expected that Osman Bey will return victorious. Then Turgut Bey and Osman Bey will conquer the fort together And Nicola’s head will probably be penned by Osman There is also the possibility that Nicola will be made a symbol at the intersection of Inegol But there is an event in history that is Barbaroslar Episode 31 With Urdu & English Subtitles Free

just the opposite That is, he was not killed by Nicola Osman Bey or Turgut Bey You may be surprised to hear this Because many of you may have heard of it for the first time Well, according to some traditions, especially the Turkish Asıkpasazade wrote that at the time of the victory of Inegol when the

Turks won the war He also captured the fort and took booty So Nicola escaped from there After fleeing his castle, Nicola’s own people chased him, thinking he was a coward and a fugitive. He was surInegoled and beaten to death Some incidents tell such a story But the chances of that appearing in the series are slim Because if Gunduz was martyred at the hands of Nicola,

then Osman Bey will behead Nicola with his own hands to avenge his brother. But in the last episode, there are some signs that Nicola will run away During the planning of the war, when the issue came up that if Nicola escaped, precautionary measures would be taken. In other words, in the series, Barbaroslar Episode 31 With Urdu & English Subtitles Free
Barbaroslar Episode 31 English Subtitle

Nicola has to die at the hands of Osman Bey or Turgut Bey Even if he escapes, he will be caught and killed in a short time. Now the second important issue is the exposure of Barkin Bey’s betrayal Fans are puzzled as to why Barkin’s truth is not coming out He has been with Osman Bey like a snake in his sleeve for years

But how could Chaman not catch him? Viewers Achman Bey was skeptical of Barkin Bey at first But now it is melting so that its secret will be revealed to all There are two possibilities We saw in the last episode that Barkin sent a message to Inegol Castle And there, in the presence of Aktemur Bey, Barkin’s letter was received In which Osman Bey’s war plan was told Aktumer Bey then sent a message to

Osman Bey In which Nicola’s actions were explained Now it seems that Aktumer Bey wrote about the traitor in the letter or when Osman Bey saved Aktumer Bey. One possibility is that Barkin’s secret will be revealed through Aktumer Bey While the other source may be Salvi woman She is the wife of Barkin

Bey You may be a little surprised to hear that But remember, this possibility is stronger That Selvi woman will reveal the secret of Barkin Bey This incident is related to the rescue of women Orhan and Holofira Barkin who did not go after women aimlessly Here he will try to save Isaac, the man of Arius And most of all,

he will put a barrier in the way of women so that they cannot save children. Maybe women will be trapped here because of Barkin The Romanos will do a great trick here and maybe even take women hostage Romanos knows about Barkin through Nicola, so maybe he will make Barkin part of his plan too. Barbaroslar Episode 31 With Urdu & English Subtitles Free

But here, the Selvi Hatun will learn about Barkin Bey’s arrogance And when Osman Bey arrives, she will probably inform Osman Bey about Barkin’s betrayal Barkin’s betrayal was more likely to come to light through the Selvi Hatun Remember that here the role of Barkin will end and here also the role of Selvi Hatun Barbaroslar Episode 31 With Urdu & English Subtitles Free

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