Coconut Oil and its useful

Coconut Oil kernel is called copra. It contains about 5% proteins, 36% fat and about 9% carbohydrates. Coconut is grown in Sri Lanka, Malabar, Bangladesh and Burma. It produce good blood. It contains a lot of nutrients. Coconut makes the body fat and gives strength to the real heat.

If it is eaten daily in the amount of one towel while grinding it with crushed Egyptian, then the vision is improved. Skulls have naturally healing properties, as they contain antioxidants.

Eating copra reduces inflammation

Coconut is a useful fruit rich in fiber. It helps in preventing indigestion and acidity. Coconut is considered as one of the nutritious fruits. Eating it will not make you feel hungry soon. Cooked in coconut oil. Eating has positive effects on the pancreas and liver and thus protects them from diseases, but this oil should also be used in small quantities.

Coconut also quenches the thirst caused by fever and diabetes. If there is a complaint of hemorrhage, then soaking a little coconut in the night and eating it in the morning can cure this complaint. I benefit from eating coconut. Like brown coconut with hair, green raw coconut water is also very useful.
Some health experts say that it is more beneficial than the available milk, because it contains very little fat. Its benefits are listed below.

Coconut Oil benefits

1- Coconut water is healthier than other beverages. It has a relatively low sodium content, so people with high blood pressure can drink it without fear. This water can bring high blood pressure back to normal. Comes.

2- Coconut water contains beneficial health ingredients like calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. Like coconut oil, its water has been shown to be beneficial for bones and teeth. Teeth become stronger. Coconut water contains Vitamin B1 (Thiamin), which is not only beneficial for eye health, but also reduces the severity of glaucoma.

3- If a person suffering from depression drinks only one cup of coconut water in a day, then his depression is eliminated. Similarly, coconut water is also effective in relieving stress. Extremely beneficial. Healthy coconut water should be drunk daily in hot weather, as it improves memory and also eliminates insomnia.

4- Cholera may be cured by drinking a tablespoon of lemon juice mixed with coconut water. Coconut water keeps the blood flowing. In addition, it helps in cleansing the esophagus.

5- In case of cough and asthma, you should avoid eating coconut. You should also consult your doctor in this regard. Warming up and tapping on the affected area eliminates internal pain and swelling.

6- Eating a little bit of coconut after eating rice helps in quick digestion of rice. Coconut also helps in relieving bladder and kidney problems. Water should not be drunk immediately after eating coconut, otherwise the throat may get sore. Coconut water is also useful in getting rid of. If a person is suffering from lung diseases then he should be fed coconut and its milk, it is beneficial.

7- It is also better to consult a doctor in this regard. People who have kidney stones should drink coconut water regularly, as this water helps in removing stones. Coconut water helps in the body’s immune system. Increases, so the body develops the ability to fight diseases, ie the immune system is strengthened, so diseases stay away from the person who drinks coconut water.

8- Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about our skin. And girls get nail pimples on their face, which makes the face look ugly and sometimes it hurts. If you want to get rid of nail pimples, use coconut oil, it contains fatty acids. , Which removes this complaint.

9- Vitamin E in coconut oil has the ability to relieve irritation. It keeps you healthy and controls the secretion of secretions from the sebaceous glands. But it is necessary to apply cream. She can use coconut oil instead of cream. Coconut oil also keeps moisture on the face.

10- Make a paste by mixing coconut oil with baking soda and brush your teeth with it. This paste will protect your teeth from decay. It is difficult. Apply coconut oil on the face for three to four minutes, then wipe with tissue paper, all the make-up will be easily removed. You can also use coconut oil for daily cleansing of the face.

11- In addition, applying coconut oil on the scalp makes hair grow and become stronger. Out of 100 tola of skull, 30 to 40 tola of oil is extracted. This oil is white, sweet and fragrant. Most coconut oil in Sri Lanka. It is used in cooking and they are accustomed to eating this oil. Coconut oil strengthens muscles. Cooking and eating in this oil improves memory Is done.

12- In addition, this oil helps in preventing tremors and many diseases of the brain. Coconut oil also helps in eliminating urinary tract infections, as it contains naturally occurring antibiotics. Antibiotics kill bacteria in the urinary tract. Like a good fatty acid, coconut oil provides lubrication to your joints. Applying the oil on the burnt part of the body, the affected area heals quickly.

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