Dry apricot benefits for skin, weight loss and hair

This delicious and juicy fruit, which has the texture of a peach, but is available in a relatively small size from the normal size of a peach, is available in greenish yellow to golden green and peach color. Apricot, which is called dry apricot in English, is actually a fruit belonging to the plant family Rosaceae.

The botanical name of apricot is Prunus Armeniaca. Dry Apricot tree is about 6 meters tall or 20 feet high. With the onset of spring, very beautiful white flowers begin to bloom on this tree. On Fridays, Dry apricots are showing their spring on the stigma and after a short while, they turn into flower buds and form a complete apricot.


The color of apricot is a vegetable that blooms before ripening which gradually turns golden. Initially the taste of apricot (before ripening) is very sour and astringent which becomes sweet and juicy after ripening but apricot There are some varieties of apricots which have a sour taste even after ripening. The soft, juicy and very sweet pulp of apricot is wrapped around very hard seeds.

This seed is similar to aloe vera seeds. But one of the delicious properties of these seeds is that when these seeds are broken, the pulp of these seeds is available in the form of an almond which is eaten with great relish. Is.
The native fruit of Asia, apricot, arrived in England from Asia due to its unique and delicious taste. It was a favorite fruit of the Greeks, and the ancient Romans attributed apricot to Venus, the goddess of love.

Apricot trees are widely grown all over the world including China, USA, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Spain, Greece, North America, South Africa, Malaysia, India and Pakistan. Kagan etc. have a special reputation for apricot production. Apricots grown in the northern regions are slightly larger in size and sweeter and more succulent in taste than other apricots found worldwide. The apricots grown here are in great demand in the world market and almost the entire consignment of this fruit is exported to different countries every year and the locals rarely get a chance to eat this excellent regional fruit. Or apricots grown in Abbottabad and Hazara divisions are offered for sale in local markets. Apricots grown in Hunza and other northern areas do not have such exquisite quality. And because of their abundant availability, the people here use them enthusiastically.

Dry apricot benefits

Tross Orange, Japanese apricots, Chinese apricots, Moor Pak, Breda Bredase, Gold cut and Hunza’s wild apricot are among the best varieties of apricots. Are Along with fresh apricots, dried apricots also have a special reputation as an excellent and favorite fruit. Fresh apricots are dried by a special process. These dried apricots can be kept in usable condition for many years. Dried apricots have the status of a royal member of the family of dried fruits. Including Mughal, Shahi and Hyderabadi is used as a special ingredient in food preparation.

The names of apricot dessert, dried palao, fruit rice, apricot halwa and mutton etc. are noteworthy in this regard. Apart from this, apricot jam, jelly, shakes, cake, juices, ice cream and candies etc. Are being mass-produced tomorrow.
Apricot is not only a fruit but also a medicine for people suffering from constipation and evaporation.
Apricots also contain a large amount of iron which helps in relieving the symptoms of anemia. The effect of apricot is soothing and soothing. It is one of the best fruits for calming the nerves. That is why the use of apricots by nutritionists is considered essential for the restoration and improvement of women’s overall health.

Apricots also contain adequate amounts of phosphorus and calcium, which are good for bone health and strength, so teenage girls or older women should try to eat more apricots during the apricot season, if not more. If so, eat at least 4-5 apricots daily because good health of a woman is essential for better health and life of the whole family.

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