Knee Pain – Diagnosis, Causes and Treatment

Knee pain affects more than 50% of the world’s population with age. Sometimes it is due to aging and sometimes it is due to weight gain or weak bones. It is a painful condition. There is a disease and its severity makes a person unable to walk due to which many other diseases can also attack a person – so it is very important to control this pain which we have to take some steps.

Knee Pain

Here are some tips to help you get rid of knee pain

Strengthen your leg and hip muscles to reduce Knee pain

Muscle weakness can be a major cause of increased knee pain – Doctors say that if the leg and hip muscles are strong, they will put less pressure on the knees, which can reduce knee pain. – A small exercise can be very effective for this, for which you have to stand facing a ladder and stand up straight. Then place one foot on the first step and place all the weight of your body on that leg. Insert and hold the ladder grille with your hands and keep your back straight. Then come down again and do this process with the other leg. Repeat this process ten times.

Cover the knee to support it

There are usually medicated covers available in the market for knee support. Applying them on the knee while walking reduces the pressure on the knee by up to 43% which can reduce the pain in the knee.

Move the knee

Normally, with age, a person’s muscles and bones become stiff due to lack of fat which causes pain. They can be kept soft by doing a little exercise on a daily basis. Sit on the bed or floor and place a pillow under the ankle and then straighten your knee and then bend it back. Repeat this exercise ten times. This will soften the knees and relieve their pain Decreases.

According to experts, there are some things that can increase the Knee Pain

Avoid too much salt and fat

Excessive salt intake causes inflammation of the joints which increases Knee pain so minimize the use of salt throughout the day – it can reduce the pain as well as use more fat. Accumulates unhealthy fats in the blood which can be dangerous. Excess cholesterol and uric acid can also increase pain, so use them sparingly.

Stop using old shoes

Sometimes knee pain is also caused by shoes that get worn out due to age and are putting more pressure on our knees and cause severe pain in our legs and knees. For this reason, we should stop using shoes that are comfortable for our knees and feet.

Avoid actions that cause pressure on the knees

People with knee pain should avoid sports or activities that put too much pressure on the knees – especially running and jumping – as this can increase the pain.

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