Best Apps for YouTube and Social Content Creation

I wanna told to you about jobs that can be popular right now, or they actually high demand to be honest, but what is the most important? Those jobs are remote and they don’t require any kind of degree. So if you’re looking for a site hustle or maybe a freelance, um, those kind of tasks can bring you somewhere between 20 and $50 per hour or maybe per task.


And, uh, what. Cool is that you can do them just using your phone or tablet. So in this video, I’ll talk about what those jobs are and which apps will help you to actually execute those task and deliver the product. So I recently watched the video by marina magi, she’s entrepreneur. She lives in Silicon valley and she’s, uh, let’s say quite big content creator.

My goal in this video is to tell you what apps you can. To actually make those jobs happen. So, first of all, let’s talk about content. This field has changed a lot in recent years and nowadays brands and influencers, they’re now working on create as much visual content as they can. So it means that all marketing activities now all around video.

Apps for Youtube

So you are required to produce more video, to edit more video and do all sort of things with video. It means that. Around there. You can find so many tasks which needs to be done for YouTube, for Instagram, for TikTok. And, uh, one of those jobs is content editor or content repurpose manager. Uh, speaking of which it is a person who actually takes initial content, for example, video, which has been produced for YouTube.

And then. To be used in different social media platforms. For example, it can be stories or reels or talks or even podcasts or simply text. So based on this, we need the following task to be executed such as. Uh, edit the video detach video from audio, create video animations or graphics, or maybe create a thumb nails.

Luma fusion

And these are three apps of my personal choice, which I would use to cover all of those jobs. Let’s say. So number one, it is a Luma fusion. This is a. Handy the editor with, let’s say pro functions. You can edit videos of all times form factors and cos, and it also allow you to edit audio and expert audio only files.If you want, for example, use it for a podcast and this all can be done using iPhone and iPad. And I have many tutorials of the channel feature App. So if you wanna watch more of those videos, just follow the link below in description for entire playlist on Luma fusion.


So the next one is Kanwa and if you’re a subscriber to the channel, you probably already know how much you like Kanwa. You can do almost anything with this. App related to design visuals animations. And for me personally, it helps to make video look better and animated and create thumbnails for each video on YouTube. And the short F which I use for photos only is a light room. This will allow you to edit photos and chance colors and makes them.

Look great in general. So you can also use it for thumbnails and, okay. Okay. I’m gonna give you first one. So the first artificial person, like, but it’s kind of requires a little bit more professional approach and this app called procreate with procreate, you can create stunning images and visuals.

posters graphics whatsoever. So take a look and I’ll post more videos on that later. So all apps about will allow you to execute kind of freelance projects on the go. And I hope it’s been helpful. So please let me know if you have, when you further questions, uh, leave your comments in comment section below.

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