how to get microsoft 365 free

How to Get Microsoft Office for Free

I wanna show you how you can get Microsoft office, which includes such popular programs, like word Excel and PowerPoint entirely for free. It won’t cost you anything. I work at Microsoft and this is the product that I work on. And today I’m excited to tell you about it.

Okay, let’s jump onto the desktop. Here I am on my desktop, and I’m gonna show you two different methods, how you could get Microsoft office for free. The first one uses your browser. And so whether you, uh, you’re using say windows 10, whether you’re using Mac or whether you’re using Linux or Chrome, Chrome’s whatever operating system you use, you’ll be able to take advantage of this.


Microsoft Office

So let’s open up a CR I’m gonna open up the Chrome browser here, and I’m gonna go into incognito mode. And what I’m gonna do is we’re gonna go to the website, So is how you’re gonna get to your, to be able to use office for free. So on the website, you’ll see two different option.

Uh, options. One is get office. The other option is sign in. Now, if you click on get office, that’s a marketing site where you could purchase the offline version of office, or you could purchase a subscription. But I mentioned that we wanna get free office and to get free office. What we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna click on sign in.

Okay. So make sure you click on the button that says sign in. And once we do this, we are gonna get the check in activate. Now if you don’t have a Microsoft account, uh, don’t worry. Uh, it’s very easy to create one and creating an account is entirely free. It would not cost you something to create an account. I happen to already have one.

when you have a Skype account, if you have some other form of account, you have already got a Microsoft account. So I’m gonna go ahead and type in one of my demo accounts that I have. So Uh, and I’m gonna go ahead and click on next. And now it wants me to reply my password. So we’re gonna go ahead and type in my password.

you may click on, preserve me signed in in case you do not need to register again within the destiny. And so what this will do now is this drops me off on the website. And so you’ll see a few different things on here. Um, you know, I have, I have all these different options and the first one says, start new. So I’m gonna click on this start new button.

And what you’ll see is I could create a word document. I could create an Excel workbook. I could create a PowerPoint presentation. You also have other stuff like. Being able to create a form or a survey, you could also create a sway. So there are many different things that you could create from this site.

I said, I’d show you how to use, uh, Microsoft office for free. So why don’t we go ahead and create a word document. I’m gonna click on word document. And so what you’ll see occur now could be it is gonna drop me in a state-of-the-art record. So here i’m inside the, the word interface right here, I should rename the report to something else.

Um, so maybe I’ll call this, uh, let’s say Kevin YouTube star. That’s right. maybe not quite. Um, so here I am in my document and I can type away. this is an example you can, you realize, observe extraordinary styles, one-of-a-kind headings. Um, you have all the typical functionality of word. So I’m gonna go back to now.

Uh, what you’ll see is I could also click on this word tile. So if I click here, this will drop me on the word start page. And, you know, I have a whole bunch of templates I could choose from. If I click on more templates, I have a whole bunch that I could start from. Uh, and then here I have my list of recent documents that I’ve been working on.

I could also pin or see shared with me. If I go back, I could also click into Microsoft Excel. Looks very similar to the start experience for word. Uh, and then here, I could also click into PowerPoint and you get the idea. Um, I get all the different apps. Now. One of the things that I love, um, about this is I also have this recent list down here of all my documents I’ve been working on.

Uh, so what I could do is, um, you know, here I could click on it and I could pin it. Um, I could remove it from the list. I could open the file location. So lots of things I could do with the file. Uh, what I can also do is let’s say that you have a document you’ve been working on, on your computer, and now you wanna work on that using, uh, this experience.

What you could do is there’s this upload and open button here. And if I click on that, what I could do is I could select a word and Excel or a PowerPoint file, and then I could upload that and continue working on it online. now let’s say that I have a document and I’ve been working on it on and I wanna work on it, uh, just on my machine or maybe I wanna send it to someone.

So let me go back to my document. and what I could do is, so I clicked on, clicked on the file menu. So I’m clicked on the file menu and within the file menu. Uh, there’s an option that says save as, and if I click on save as what I could do is I could, uh, download a copy. So that’ll just download, um, the, the document or the doc X to my machine.

I could also get it as a PDF. And so there are other formats you can also get. Um, but so if you don’t want to just leave it in the cloud, uh, you could also just get it off. Now, a few of the things that you’ll see is all of this, the word Excel, PowerPoint, and this is all available online. So you need an internet connection to be able to take advantage of it.

But as long as you have an internet connection, you have a browser. You can use this entirely for free. Um, if you want offline access though, that’s where Microsoft charges you then. So if I see this, you see this install button here in the top right hand corner. Um, so if I click on that, uh, I get this little upsell message that says go premium with office 365.

Uh, so if I want the app on my computer, I have to pay for it. I also have the option here just to buy Microsoft office 365 in the top right hand corner. So I could do that. Uh, and so I, I mentioned that I would show you two different ways, how you could access the office apps. The second way that you could get to all your office apps is with an app called office.

Uh, and it comes under your PC. If you have a windows 10. Uh, so what you do is you simply click on the, the search area down here on windows, and then you type in. And it should pop up as the best match. So I’m gonna go ahead and click on the best match office and this will load the office app. So here, uh, here I am in the app now and you’ll see that it looks very similar to the experience.

The one difference though is if you look at the documents that are shown here versus documents that are shown here in the app, I see a lot more documents and the reason. Is a bunch of these documents are stored on my computer. And so the office app not only shows me all of my cloud documents, but it also shows me documents that are just on my computer.

Uh, and so I, you know, when I look at these two different experiences, I actually prefer using the office app because not only do I see cloud documents, but I see local documents as well. so I’m gonna go back for a moment and, uh, so that, that’s how you get office for free. I also wanna show, um, some cool functionality that you get with office.

That’s not necessarily related to getting it for free, but a, a few things that I wanted to show. So not only do you get word Excel, PowerPoint, um, here, if I click on all apps, you get a lot more than just word Excel, PowerPoint. So, you know, here I get a calendar. Um, I get flow where you could set up these different routines or tasks.

Um, you get a. An app called forms, which allows you to set up surveys and quizzes. Uh, you also get one note, which is an awesome note taking program, which I use all the time. You also get things like Skype for calling you get tasks, you get sway, which is, you know, setting up these interactive views or kind of, uh, interactive experiences on the web, uh, that you can then share with others.

So you get all these really cool tools with So it really goes beyond, uh, just word Excel, PowerPoint. And now one other thing that I wanna show, uh, before I wrap up this video, Um, if I go back to, uh, let me go back to and I’m gonna click on this document called sample co-op document.

Uh, so we’re gonna open that document. And what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna put it side by side with a, uh, let me open up another window that I have, and I’m also in this document. So, this is the, the window on the right is logged in with a different account than the window on the left. And so what I could do now is let’s say I type in.

What you’ll see is the text that I’m typing in the right window automatically shows up on the left window. So let’s say that you’re working with five or maybe 10 people you can do real time collaboration, uh, using word, using Excel, using PowerPoint. Uh, what’s also cool. So not only can you all work at the same time, um, but now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna click on, uh, review.

And so I’ll leave a comment in here so I can put in a comment and I’ll say, Hey, uh, please review this. So, I’m gonna leave a comment. . And so now what I can do is I’ll jump into my other window and you could see, uh, let’s see, I’m gonna show all comment. And here you could see the comment. So not only can you work with other people on a document and see what they’re doing as you’re working on it, but now you could comment back and forth as you’re working on the document.

Um, so you get word Excel, PowerPoint for free. You also get real time, uh, collaboration. And you also get commenting. You get a lot of rich functionality in, uh, the web apps. One thing to call out the web apps are not quite as feature rich yet is the apps you get on your computer, which is why Microsoft still charges for the apps that come on your computer.

Uh, but the web apps are pretty. They’re constantly adding new functionality and they’re getting better and better and better. And one of the nice things is if there’s something that’s not in the web app that you want, there’s this button in the bottom right hand corner set that says give feedback to Microsoft.

So I could click on that. You could say whether you like something, you don’t like something. Um, so if I say I like something you could type in a comment. But this is where you could request functionality. And just from experience, when you request something, it gets added pretty quickly, you know, in Excel, uh, they recently added pivot tables and so a lot more functionality is coming to the web apps.

Anyway, that’s, that’s all I have, uh, for you today. I wanted to show you how you could get Microsoft office entirely for free. It’s completely legal, uh, because the office app, these are provided by Microsoft. So you could use word Excel and PowerPoint. You could create documents, spread.

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