How to check Laptop Model and Configuration

When we want to buy a laptop, we want to see its model and other information about what is used in it. Some information you get easily from the System but some not so easily. You will need to use a command to see all the information. From which you can see all kinds of details. Such as what is your laptop model. It contains what window is installed and other important things you can see with this command. This is not only oneway to view this information, but two or three more ways.


Click on the taskbar and type run. As soon as the Run command opens, type msinfo32 and click OK. You see a page will open in front of you which will have all the information of your system. It will have the system model, bios, which window is installed and other detailed information. By which you will get to know the system well and you will know whether this system is what you need or not.

There are other ways you can view the system configuration.

Method No 1

You have to go to the start button and click on it, then type system in the search box and a new page will open where all the configuration of your system will come. Then You can easily find the information you need in it.

Method No 2

Right click on My Computer and at the end there will be an option click Properties then a new page will open in front of you and you will have the basic details of your system. Like what processor it has and how much RAM it has. Also, you can find out whether the system has a Windows 32-bit operating system or a 64-bit operating system.

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